Prostate gland histology,

Photo of squamous cell carcinoma showing perineural invasion, magnification x, photo under microscope abstract color picture Chronic nephritis, vállízületi rendellenességek kezelése micrograph, photo under microscope Ovarian primary follicle showing the oocyte surrounded by the zona pellucida and follicular or granulosa cells which are initiating the formation of a second layer of granulosa cells.

Hand made art.

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Colorful texture. Modern artwork.

Subjects must meet all of the following criteria to be enrolled in this study: 1. Male aged 21 years or older.

Strokes of fat paint. Contemporary art.

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  2. In the second part of the 2-Semester study macroscopic and microscopic anatomy of the reproductive system, endocrine organs and the nervous system are represented with the aid of formalin-fixed cadavers, organ preparations and plastic models.
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Artistic background image. Fractal a never-ending pattern. Abstract Computer generated Fractal design.


Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are prostate gland histology across different scales. Great for cell phone wall paper.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia. Micrograph shows dilated glands, papillary projections inside the lumen of the glands, cystic dilatation with accumulation of secretory material. Photo under microscope Abstract painting on canvas.

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Histology of colon human tissueshow epithelium tissue, connective tissue and goblet cell with microscope view Histological sample Ovary of rabbit Tissue under the microscope. Light Blue, Red vector background with abstract shapes.

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Simple colorful illustration with abstract gradient shapes. Simple design for your web site.

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Human endometrium. Secretory phase of the uterine cycle. A spiral artery appears sectioned many times due to its spiral course.

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Purple Violet Pink Background Human ovary. Late stage of follicular atresia. The folded pink structure is the glassy membrane a remnant of the basement membrane of a atretic follicle.

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